Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hooray For France!!!!

Paris metro banned anti Islamophobia ads by Collectif Contre l'islamophobie en France (CCIF). 

In addition to the posters in the Paris Metro, the month-long CCIF campaign also includes radio and television advertisements.

The Paris Metro component was to consist of three posters.

One shows a woman wearing a head scarf and a man posing with two blond children. The caption reads: "A French family, 2012."

Another shows photos of men and women, one of whom is wearing a head scarf and another a veil. A third is a reinterpretation of the famous Jacques-Louis David painting "Serment du Jeu de paume," which depicts a key episode in the 1789 French Revolution. The poster incorporates veiled women, a man wearing a Christian priest's cassock and crucifix, and another identifiable as an Orthodox Jew.

Media Transport objected to the use of four French flags in the poster, which it claimed was an inappropriate use of the symbol of the nation to make "a political claim." The agency also objected to the slogan "We Are The Nation."


CCIF website with lots and lots of boohooing

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