Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jihadis Use Dogs To Practice Beheadings(India)

Jihadis in Kerala,India are using dogs to practice beheading,so they can overcome fear of blood and get used to inflicting injuries "on live flesh". Over 100 dogs were found dead or injured,police suspect swords were the most likely weapon used to attack the dogs.  And then they complain we call them savages.  As an owner of two great dogs this really made my blood boil!!!!

In most cases, the dogs had suffered hack injury in the head or neck, presumably by sharp weapons like swords, strengthening the suspicion that the act could be part of a terror training programme to let the “trainee” overcome the revulsion and fear of inflicting injuries on live flesh and the sight of oozing blood.



  1. I hate to clutter your blog with an off topic comment, but I have posted your videos on my blog but now they are labeled "private" and do not work. See: for an example. Please advise. You can contact me at Feel free to delete this comment as soon as you have read it.

  2. It may not be kuffar who are the ultimate targets of their "swordsmanship" ... "every man's sword against his brother", when their end comes.