Friday, December 28, 2012

"Bakso Fiasco" Or Pork In My Meatballs(Indonesia)

Very,very "special" 
Indonesian Muslims are outraged pork is being used as a cheaper substitute for the increasingly expensive beef in a popular meatball dish.
Producers of bakso have been raided and the trade ministry has conducted random sampling of the soup, threatening five-year prison terms to those proven to be mixing pork into the ostensibly pure beef meatballs.
The affair is being called the "Bakso fiasco" and the Imam of Australia's Zetland Mosque in Sydney who grew up in Indonesia, Amin Hady, says he is disturbed by the substitution.
"Eating forbidden food like this it affects your feelings deeply, perhaps it could stay with you for some time that kind of feeling that you have been guilty in terms of God.," he says.
"It could affect you emotionally or spiritually."

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