Saturday, January 19, 2013

"No Nation Can Fight Islam And Succeed"(Nigeria)

Delusional much?
Sheik Gumi Predicts Defeat in Mali of Western Interventioners, Sees an Anti-Islamic Bias in Sending Troops to Mali

“Today Nigerian troops are committed in Mali to fight ‘Islamic terrorists’ without intellectually looking at the repercussion of such an adventure. We all know that the ‘War against terror’ which Islam also fights can easily be turned into war against Islam. 

“One thing is very clear. No nation on earth can fight Islam and succeed. A Russian General was interviewed just before the illegal Bush Jr’s attack on Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein and he urged Bush to tap into Russia’s experiences in Afghanistan. The General said: “I advise the US not to attack Iraq, because if it does that, then it will be fighting the whole Muslim community and whoever fights the whole Muslim community will not succeed”.

Maybe if Muslims would take care of their own shit we wouldn't have to risk lives of our soldiers to bail  out Islamic countries from holy fucking Jihad!

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Muslims begging for more "global involvement"

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