Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Tell Morsi That Blind Sheikh Is Not Going Anywhere And Will Die In An American Prison"

Controversial Republican?  What's so controversial about speaking the truth?
Responding  to the pressure being brought to bear by the Muslim Brotherhood leader, ever-outspoken Rep. Peter King offered a piece of advice to the president while on Fox News this weekend: Tell Morsi that the Blind Sheikh is not going anywhere and will “die in an American prison.”
The congressman added that “we won’t impress anyone in the Middle East by equivocating on the Blind Sheikh,” and insisted that the administration adopt stronger language than it has in the past concerning the terrorist-icon. King of course was referring to the State Department’s saying it had “no plans” to release the cleric. The controversial Republican insinuated that such language does not “rule out” a release-date in the future and said he found the words to be “loyalite” and “weasely.”
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