Thursday, February 7, 2013

After Terrorizing An Entire Region For More Than A Year Dog Raping Moroccan Arrested In Sicily

The Corriere di Ragusa called "Moroccan unchecked" For more than a year, he terrorized the countryside of Ragusa (the Sicilian province most affected by immigration , with a rate of immigrants more than twice the regional average, according to the latest report the Caritas).
He started in November 2011 by burning 3000 m 2 of greenhouses where tomatoes were grown: 20,000 euros worth of damage to the farmer. Last December, he still fired a shed and two greenhouses on a farm owned by two brothers in the region, causing a damage of 10,000 euros. In the meantime, he had committed a series of robberies of all kinds in the farms, poultry, TV, farming tools, a stove with the gas bottle, a coffee machine, stereo ...
The criminal regularly put off surveillance cameras, but during his last pass, he has forgotten, whose images have helped to rifle Acate be identified. He was finally arrested on Monday. He is a 32 year old Moroccan, illegal immigrant, already known to police for acts of theft and violence. A search of his lair (a shed left) helped recover most of the stolen items.
The Moroccan was used a few days a farm in question, but was quickly dismissed because of its low productivity and its alcohol abuse. We suppose it was partly inspired by revenge.
The farm where it was filmed, the camera was also seized raping the dog - a hound, medium -, which he submitted to repeated sexual intercourse.
The Moroccan was taken to the prison of Ragusa. He must answer an impressive list of charges: trespassing, vandalism followed by fire, theft in dwelling special flight farm, mistreatment of animals ... All this "with the aggravating circumstance of committing his crimes while he was illegally in Italy " .
Why is It always the Moroccans who getting caught raping horses,dogs,sheep all over the Europe?  WTF is wrong with these people?


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