Saturday, February 23, 2013

Municipality Approves Call To Prayer Through Mosque Loudspeakers(Sweden)

A Municipality in the Swedish capital of Stockholm has allowed the Recitation of Adhan, the Call to prayer, through Minaret speakers, in an Unprecedented move. Islamic Cultural Center of Botkyrka, a Municipality in Stockholm Populated mostly by Immigrants, applied almost a month ago to Municipal Authorities, seeking permission for the Recitation of Adhan before Prayers Friday through speakers in the Minaret of the Mosque Fittja, located within the Boundaries of Botkyrka. Convened and The Municipal council Recently Unanimously approved the request. 

Okur Ismail, the head of the Islamic center, the Anatolia news agency Told That will be the first broadcast in March after the Adhan technical Preparations are completed. "The Authorities will measure the sound level. According to the rules, the sound of the Adhan shall reach at most two Kilometers from the mosque, "Remarked Okur, who referring to the regional Authorities Granted permission for the Adhan Recitation Minaret through speakers. Stated That He Botkyrka Further Populated mostly is a region Mosque is the only mosque by Muslims and the Fittja That has a Minaret in Sweden. one hundred and twenty-nine

Beginning of the end for Swedish culture :(

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