Friday, February 1, 2013

Outraged Dearbornistan Muslims Complaint To CAIR Muslim Kids In Foster Care Converting To Other Religions

A local civil rights group has received a number of complaints over the growing concern about Muslim foster care children converting to different faiths, after being adopted by non-Muslim families.

 According to the Council on American Islamic Relations of Michigan, there are far more Muslim foster children in the system than certified Muslim custodians. The group believes one solution to the issue is to have more Muslim families become certified foster care parents with Michigan.

 For more information on the Islamic merits of becoming a foster care custodian, as well as learning the requirements according to the state, contact Muslim Family Services of Detroit at 313.366.6800, or visit its office at 12346 McDougall Street in Detroit.  

Mind you social services have asked over and over again Muslim community to step up and take in these kids into their homes but found no takers but as soon as foster kids start leaving Islam all of a sudden the whole community is worried and outraged?


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